The one stop shop for all your production needs in Cambodia.

Permits, permissions, transportation, crew, research, equipment, catering, accommodation, and production advice all under one service company.


Cambodian Productions can not only advice on what permissions and permits are needed for your specific shoot but we will also help complete the relevant paperwork on your behalf.


Whether you are looking for a local production assistant or a sound operator, Cambodian Productions will find the best people for the job and get them ready for your shoot.


Let Cambodian Productions utilise our wealth of resources and expertise in the region and take care of all the logistics so you can concentrate on the creative aspects of your production.

When you are thinking about filming in Cambodia the permissions and permits are the most important part of your preparation and should be at the top of your list during pre-production. Not getting the proper paper work completed can mean the difference between a smooth, trouble free production and a shoot which is plagued with problems from the start.

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The key to a successful production is the talent behind the camera; you need a team that can help you achieve your vision as efficiently as possible. By hiring a Cambodian crew you will not only save money on international flights and accommodation but the cost of hiring a local professional will be significantly lower than the salary paid to a western person for the same job.

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Reliable and trust worthy transportation, hotels with western luxuries and catering to satisfy a hungry crew at the end of a long day, these are just some of the logistics that must be organized for your production. We have a wealth of knowledge in facilitating international productions which will ensure that all you logistical needs will be met before you even set foot in Cambodia.

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