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Cambodia Film Fixer Chronicles: ASEAN 2017

Cambodia Film Fixer Chronicles: ASEAN 2017

Usually when a film fixer is working on an international shoot we will facilitate all aspects of the production (permits, permissions, transportation, crew and equipment hire) but sometimes we are just asked to take care of the technical side. So was the case when we were asked by EBU and Blue Bear Productions too offer technical support for a show which was to be broadcast live from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The ASEAN World Economics Forum is a yearly event which takes place in a different country each calendar year, and in 2017 it would be the turn of Cambodia too host the event. The event would feature the popular BBC Global Question Show at the climax of the event and it would require technical support for the lighting set up. Being that the show was shot live it would require a talented local team who were experienced and competent enough to handle the complicated lighting set up and ensure that everything went according to plan during the live broadcast.



We were first contacted by the clients a week before the event took place. After receiving the lighting and crew requirements we sourced everything on the client’s behalf and were ready to proceed within a few days. The event would take place at the Sokha Hotel and a technical recce was carried out by our team a few days before the event. Unfortunately, the power supply for the lights was insufficient at the hotel so we opted to use a generator instead for the live broadcast. This is exactly why we opt to always do a recce before a shoot, imagine finding out the power supply was insufficient on the day of the shoot.



The day before the live broadcast our technical crew did a practice run so we could get the best possible position for our lights and also establish how long it would take too set up (one hour and change, not bad for a dozen heavy duty lights). The live show was set to begin filming at noon, our team was there in the early hours and the set up accomplished by 10am, all that was left to do was eat breakfast and wait for the audience and presenters to arrive. Hearing the words “We are live!!” is always a heart pounding moment, but it’s a better feeling when you hear the words “Cut, and that’s a wrap!!”.



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