Cambodia Film Fixer Chronicles: Overland



When you are a production company based in a beautiful and unique country, such Cambodia, you receive all manners of emails from potential clients. Emails about using Cambodia as a backdrop for music videos, feature films, documentaries and commercials productions are a daily occurrence. As soon as producers see the stunning locations that are available in the Kingdom of Wonder they are hooked and enquiries are made. One of the main sources of enquiries is from travel programmes that are looking to explore Cambodia and feature it in their television show. This was the case when we were contacted by Overland last month.

Overland is a popular travel program that has been trekking the globe for almost 20 years bringing images from around the world to an audience of millions. The Overland production company were in the middle of shooting the seventeenth series, which would see them travel across SE Asia in the search of spectacular locations. During the pre-production Cambodia was not considered as an option to film because Overland were on a set budget and all of the countries had been organised in-advance before they arrived in SE Asia. Unfortunately one of the locations, which would take up a week of filming at the end of April, had fallen through and the producers scrambled to find an alternative. It was April 5th and Overland were in Thailand, the neighbouring country was Cambodia, the producers weren’t sure of the permit process or if they could get a filming permission processed       in-time so they contacted us.

Upon hearing the situation from the Overland producers we advised on the permits needed for filming and answered yes, they had enough time to get the permits and permissions completed in time. The MOI (Ministry of Information) General Filming Permission takes a maximum of 10 working days to complete, so there was plenty of time to get things organized. Overland also expressed an interest in filming at the Angkor Wat temple complex in Siem Reap, this came as no surprise because Angkor Wat is a popular location for travel shows. The filming permit with Apsara (the group who are in-charge of the temple complex) would also take 10 working days to process so time was on our side. Then there was the small matter of arranging the temporary import/export of the filming equipment, no problem thanks to our strong networks within the customs and exile at the local airports. Overland arrived at the end of April, starting in Siem Reap and ending up in Phnom Penh before they left the Kingdom of Wonder with a collection of stunning footage for the new show.

It doesn’t matter if you are coming to Cambodia in 3 weeks or 3 days, we can help get all aspects of your production organized before you arrive. If you should require advice on the filming guidelines in Cambodia please contact us by email If you have a more urgent enquiry you can phone us directly on +855 (0)78 572 466.