The key to a successful production is the talent behind the camera, from the lighting assistant to the camera operator, you need a team that can help you achieve your vision as efficiently as possible. When you are conducting a shoot in your home country you are surrounded by a talented a team who can facilitate every role within your production. In an ideal world you could take your entire production crew with you for an international shoot, unfortunately this will have a serious financial impact on your production budget. From the cost of international flights to accommodation, per diems and then there’s the daily rate for the crew member. The bottom line is taking your entire international crew to Cambodia is a very large expensive and one that can avoided. The cost effective solution is to hire a Cambodian crew to facilitate some of the roles within your team. By hiring a Khmer crew member you will not only save money on flights but the cost of hiring the local personnel will be significantly lower than the salary paid to a western person.

Cambodia has seen the amount of international productions being conducted here more than double over the past ten years, this has allowed the Khmer production crews to gain even more experience and become professionals in their chosen field. Cambodian Productions has a large network of experienced film crews in our data base and we can recommend the most experienced person to fit the roles within your team. Our production teams have worked on everything from feature films to photo shoots, documentaries and commercials. There is no job to big or challenging, and the local crews are always happy to engage in a new project to help gain even more experience in film and commercial productions.

Fixer (Production Assistant)

Fixers are arguably the most important part of any production team in Cambodia and finding the right one is the key to a successful shoot. Your fixer will be your right hand man on the production, your link to the foreign land and by the end of the shoot your best friend. The word fixer means organizing and solving problems and that’s exactly what these guys do, they think on their feet and can adapt to any situation. Whether it’s a last minute changes to your shoot that need organized or helping to negotiate with locals, fixers are invaluable on any production. They also speak very good English which will ensure that they fully understand what is required on a day to day basis and they can articulate your exact direction to the Cambodian crew, some of whom may not speak English well.

We are more than aware of the importance of working with professional fixers and that is why we only work with the best in Cambodia. The fixers we work with have worked on high profile shows such as River Monsters, Naked and Afraid, Expedition Unknown and Survivor and they receive high praise at the end of each production. Whether its finding extras for a scene or locating suitable catering during a shoot, fixers do it all and make your life easier during your time in Cambodia.

Technical Crew

In the past, when conducting a shoot in Cambodia, international productions had to look at other countries in SE Asia for experienced technical crew. Over the past 10 years Cambodian crews have gained a wealth of experience on film and television productions and have become a force to be reckoned with in the region. Cambodia has a range of talented and capable crew members who can facilitate any technical role within your production team. From lighting personal to soundmen, camera operators to grip assistants Cambodian Productions can help you fill any role within your crew. We work exclusively with the best crews in Cambodia to ensure that they aid and benefit your production and you get the best out of your shooting time whilst on the ground.

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