Hamish’s Big Cambodian Adventures: Part 3


Phnom Penh is a city full of life and activity; from the hustle and bustle of the local markets to the food vendors lining the busy streets, this Cambodian city never sleeps. But that all changes on Khmer New Year when the residents of Phnom Penh leave the city to travel to provinces all over Cambodia and celebrate Khmer New Year with family and friends. During this three day holiday Phnom Penh is reduced to a ghost town with only the hard core residents remaining. Many people are left disappointed by the lack of activity and anticipate the end of the New Year so the city can return to normal. But not Hamish Lakeland, a quiet city is just what he craves after a busy year of working in his backpacker establishment. We join our (slightly) drunk hero as he explores the peace and tranquillity of Phnom Penh during Khmer New Year. Will Hamish ever find some ice for his alcoholic beverage, can he purchase some local food and can Mr Lakeland blag a cup of tea for free? Watch and find out.

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