Reliable and trust worthy transportation to get you from A to B, hotels which have all the luxuries you want at the end of a long shoot and catering to satisfy the hunger of a hard working crew, these are just some of the logistics that must be organized for your production in Cambodia. Efficiently planning the logistics for your shoot in Cambodia is an important part of the pre-production stage and it is an aspect that must not be left till the last minute. Failure to plan these elements in-advance can lead to a headache on the ground and distract you from the creative aspects of your production. Cambodian Productions have strong networks and a great deal of knowledge in facilitating international productions which ensure that all you logistical needs will be met before you even set foot on the ground.


Travelling from location to location in a quick and efficient manner is the key to maximizing your shooting time on the ground. Cambodian is a country filled with many different types of terrain and it’s important to get the right vehicle for your production. From Toyota cars for smooth well paved streets to 4 x 4 land cruiser for off road expeditions, Cambodian Productions can advise on the correct vehicles for the job. We can also supply distances and travel times between shooting locations to help you create a detailed production schedule. So whether it’s mini van an airport pick up, a large heavy duty truck for generators and equipment or a top of the range car to impress some VIP guests, you name the vehicle and Cambodian Productions can find it.

Helicopters are available in Cambodia should you require aerial footage and this can arranged by us to fit your exact shooting specifications. There are two main helicopter companies in Cambodia who have a wealth of experience in providing aerial support to international production teams. Each helicopter is equipped with headsets for easy communication with the pilot and it is possible to fit up to 3 crew members plus a camera comfortably. These regional helicopter companies follow strict health and safety guide lines and can also list individual production companies on insurance certificates upon request.


Choosing the right hotel or guesthouse for your up-coming shoot in Cambodia all comes down to 2 important elements; budget and location. Cambodia is filled with hotels and guesthouses ranging from 3 – 5 star quality and prices starting at $10 right up to $100 per night. We can recommend hotels in your specific shooting location which will meet the budget allowance for your accommodation. Most hotels and guesthouses across the region have all the luxuries you would expect from Western accommodation; hot and cold running water, wifi in your room, laundry service and most importantly aircon. Like any other country in SE Asia, Cambodia has its peak tourist season between the months of November and April. Some hotels are booked up months in advance and it is advised that you make reservations ahead of your shoot to avoid disappointment.

If you are filming in a remote location in Cambodia it may be difficult to find hotels or guesthouses with western luxuries, we can find home stays which will be comfortable and close in proximity to your shooting location. These home stays will be very basic, only having beds and fans available, but closer to your shooting location so you won’t have to waste time traveling everyday to and from your hotel.


Like any other country in the world, mobile phones are the best form of communication in Cambodia. Its best advised that when you arrive in Cambodia you cease using your international phones as roaming charges can be extremely expensive. Mobile phones can be bought very cheaply in Cambodia, and we can organize the purchase in-advance. There is also a vast selection of mobile phone operators in the region and you can get competitive rates for internal calls within Cambodia, making phone calls to your crew relatively cheap. Walkie talkies are a cost effective solution during a shoot and Cambodian Productions can provide high quality models with multiple channels and headsets.

The demand for internet has increased tenfold in Cambodia over the past few years and there are dozens of providers offering internet at varying speeds all over the country. The speed of the internet is not quite up to the standard of western internet but it is perfect for emails and Skype. In the bigger cities and provinces such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Battambang, every hotel and guesthouse have internet and wifi access for their customers. There are still some remote areas in the region where internet may not be available, we can advise on these areas during pre-production.


We fully understand that a well fed crew is a happy and productive one, and Cambodian Productions can help provide an assortment of catering solutions for your shoot. From western food to give you a taste of home to local street food if you want a quick snack, Cambodia has it all and at varying prices to suit your specific budget. If you are in a remote location and on a tight schedule fear not, we can arrange for the catering to be brought to you. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can all be custom made to the specifications of your crew and be on set when your crew is ready to have a break. We can also provide cold water and soft drinks along with snacks to keep your crew happy till it is time to stop for a meal. If you are looking for a restaurant then Cambodian Productions can offer advice so you can enjoy a sit down meal at the end of a punishing day and treat your crew to some TLC.

Keep ahead of the game by contacting us here and let Cambodian Productions plan the logistics for your shoot.