Permits and Permissions

When filming in Cambodia the permissions and permits are the most important part of your shoot and should be top of your list during pre-production. Before you even start thinking about what local crew you want to hire, which accommodation you would like to stay at or what kind of lights would suit your shoot you need to start getting the necessary paper work completed for your production. Not getting the proper paper work completed can mean the difference between a smooth, trouble free production and a shoot which is plagued with problems and hassle from the local authorities.

Depending what you are doing on the ground and where you want your production to be based will dictate the exact permissions and permits you need for your shoot. It is possible to complete the paper work yourself through the local authorities but this requires a lot of care and attention to ensure that it’s done properly, if there are any issue with the information given then it could potentially cause a delay in getting the permits or permissions in time.

Cambodian Productions has close ties with the local authorities and we can complete the paper work on behalf of your production quickly and efficiently, and our experience ensures that you have the correct paper work for your specific shoot. All we need to know is what the content of your proposed production, where you intend filming and the date you commence, and then we can proceed with applying for the relevant paper work on behalf of your production.

The two main pieces of paper work which you must apply for, regardless of what your production involves, are the MOI (Ministry of Information) General Filming Permission and Location Permits.

MOI General Filming Permission

This is the most important piece of documentation which you will need and it must be completed properly in order to be granted the permission to film in Cambodia. It doesn’t matter if you are filming a music video in Phnom Penh or conducting a photo shoot in Siem Reap, you must have the MOI permission. What this paperwork does it actually allows you official permission from the government to conduct your production on Cambodian soil. This paper work has the Government stamp of approval and it acknowledges that the Cambodian authorities are aware of your production so you can film without any intervention from outside forces.

In order for Cambodian Productions to apply for this permission we simply need the full details of your production; synopsis, script (where applicable), date of shoot and the locations where you wish to film. It’s best to be fully transparent with the authorities when it comes to your production, that way there are no surprises for the local authorities and less chance of interference. The MOI takes 10 full working days (2 weeks) to complete and the original copy will be given to your local fixer for safe keeping. If you are deciding to come to Cambodia with less than 10 days notice to start shooting it is possible to “fast track” the permission, this takes 3 full days and will be slightly more expensive because it has be prioritized for processing by the government.

Location Permits

The MOI grants you permission to film in Cambodian but it does not give you full access to film in whatever province or city that you want, you must apply for a separate location permit and pay a fee. These location permits are applied for at the same time as your MOI General Filming Permission and they carry a separate fee for each of the locations you want to use. If your production is based in Battambang, for example, then you must pay a fee to the local authority in this area and you will be granted a location permit for this specific province. Once again Cambodian Productions will take care of all the additional paperwork and arrange the payment of fees on your behalf so you can concentrate on other areas of your production.

While these location permits will grant you permission to film in public areas, such as the roads and sidewalks, it will not give you full access to private areas. Cambodia is host to a large amount of famous and spectacular landmarks; many of these are private areas and need specialized filming permits to grant you full access for your production. Most of these landmarks fall under the jurisdiction of the local authority in the area which they reside. When applying for your MOI we will advise accordingly on which of these areas require a private permit and what the cost implications are for your production.

If you require any other information on filming permissions and location permits then please get in touch here.