A successful production is a made up of several different elements that have to be organized in advance to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the ground when you are ready to say “action”. From local crew and budgets to transportation and location permits, it’s a potential mine field of things to organize before you even step foot on Cambodian soil. Cambodian Productions provide a wide range of services which can help facilitate your production and guarantee a smooth and trouble free shoot. It doesn’t matter if you are shooting a feature film or a documentary, music videos to photo shoots, we can help in every conceivable way.

See our list of services below for details on how we can help your production or contact us directly here if you have a specific enquiry.

Importing/Exporting Equipment: Taking production equipment into Cambodia, either by plane or border crossing, requires a permission letter to allow the temporary import and then export of the items. This paper work can be completed by us through the local authority and gives you piece of mind that all of you production equipment will arrive safely for your shoot.

Budgets: Every production requires a budget and it’s important to know exactly what the cost implications of shooting in Cambodia are before you decide to base your production here. From the cost of hiring local crew and transportation, permits to accommodation, we can advice and then build you a provisional budget.

Research: Sometimes it is necessary to conduct research before a shoot to establish story lines or investigate other avenues for your production. We can plan and then execute the research for you here in Cambodia, and our experienced team will ensure that we leave no stone unturned.

Catering: Whether you are looking for some street food during a quick break or something more lavish to pamper yourself at the end of a hard day shooting in the sun, we can advice accordingly. Arrangements can also be made for the catering to come to you if you are in a remote location.

Crew: Some international productions prefer to take their crew with them but if the budget does not allow this then it is more cost effective too find someone local. Local crews in Cambodia are hard working, extremely talented and always eager to work on international productions. Camera assistant, make up, production assistant, lighting and sound operator, Cambodia has it all.

Actors/Extras: Whether you’re making a feature film that requires actors or conducting a photo shoot that needs extras, we can help find the necessary talent for you. Cambodian Productions work very closely with local casting directors who are experienced in finding actors and extras for international productions, and we can help find the right talent for you.

Equipment: Some production equipment, such as lights and grip equipment, are simply too large and expensive to fly into Cambodia so its best hiring locally. Cambodia has a wealth of high quality lighting and grip equipment available which can be used on everything from feature films to photoshoots.

Transportation: Getting from location to location on a film shoot must be done as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure a smooth shoot. Cambodian productions have a large network of suppliers who are accustomed to working on film shoots and have vehicles to suit every need.

If you require full details and prices on our services then please get in touch with Cambodian Productions here and we will deal with your enquiry.